Rental of study-double basses


You start with double bass or you are a parent who don't want to buy a new bass if your son or daughter grows: rent a bass.

Rent a double bass (large or small ) costs only 35 euros per month.

The contracts run for one year. If you decide to buy a bass after the first year, you can deduct 300 euros from the purchase of a bass of choice.

I hire 1/16 , 1/8 , 1/4 and 1/2 double basses including a bow and a protective cover. With 3/4 double basses is a bow included.

I ask a deposit of 10 % of the value of the instrument.



Rental of specific double basses for a shorter time


Looking for a specific instrument (a five-string bass, baroque bass with or without frets, G violone, D violone, ...): rent for a short period.

Rents are:


1-2 days: 70 euro

3-4 days: 120 euro

5-7 days: 150 euro


For specific information about the instruments and transport: mail or call me.




Rental of flightcase


Traveling with a bass must be done on a safely way. You can rent a strong hardfoam case or flight case.


A flight case rental costs 150 euros for the first week and 50 euros for each additional week.


More information? Send an email or drop by the shop.



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